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  • Jobs and Economic Development:  I consider jobs to be a top priority of my campaign and will use every means available to me to attract business to Alcorn County.  We must successfully encourage business to locate in our area so our young people will have jobs available to them.  To do this we must create incentives for both small and large businesses and provide them with an environment that enables them to succeed in our area.  We must always look to provide the unemployed with training as well as make training programs available to our current employers to ensure that the business community will always have access to an educated workforce.

  • Education:  I believe that our future lies with our children and therefore believe that education should be this state’s top priority.  Our children are our greatest asset and to further their development we must see to it that our education system has the resources to always provide them the opportunity to succeed.  We must also ensure that our teachers are adequately compensated and given the incentives they need to provide our children with the skills necessary to compete in today’s world.  Mississippi has been at the bottom of the education ladder too long and with proper application of resources we can begin to climb our way up the ladder and show the entire world why we consider ourselves the “Great State of Mississippi”.

  • Government:  I believe our state government needs to be more accessible and transparent.  When citizens need to communicate with our government it should not be a chore.  The people of this state need to know what the government is doing and then need the ability to respond.  I plan to be a responsive legislator.  I don’t want to hide from the people but I want the people to be able to communicate with me so that you will be informed and will be able to inform me of your position on issues affecting Alcorn County and Mississippi.  I will remember that I work for you and that I serve as your representative.

  • Family Values:  I consider the family to be the building block of our society and regard marriage as being between on man and one woman.  It is the responsibility of the family to bring up a child with strong Christian values, respect for others, sound character, dedication to hard work and dependence on personal responsibility.  This is the way I was raised and my work in the legislature will reflect these values.

  • Human Life:  I am pro-life and believe that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life that can not be infringed.  I strongly oppose using public money to fund abortion or those groups which support abortion.  I am also in favor of providing alternatives to abortion by meeting the needs of mothers and by providing adoption services that make it easy for those wishing to adopt. 

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